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Electrics vertical slicers sharpener self-contained type 350-370

Made of special alloy anode treated and resistant to corrosion.
Special arm working by pressure by hand on a double up setting plate.
The sliding parts are assembled with ball bearings.
Special steel blade guarantees the best cutting of salted meats, particularly ham, meat, cheese, vegetables, ecc.
Bright cut regulator for selecting slice maximum thickness up to 16 mm. about.
The blade sharpening is perfectly executed through special, sharpener self-contained.

Very easy for cleaning.
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Technical characteristics:
Type 350  370 
Fig. 12/C  12/D 
Blade 350  370 
Overall dimensions:
Overall length 81  81 
Overall height 68  68 
Overall width 60  60 
Height 56  57 
Length to little foot at little foot 56  56 
Width to little foot at little foot 43  43 
Cutting power:
23  24,5 
Cutting length 28  28 

Three-phase or mono-phase voltage on request.


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